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Kansas Forward Cheick Diallo Cleared To Play By NCAA Beginning December 1

After an incredibly long process to determine his eligibility, Kansas standout forward Cheick Diallo has been cleared to play, beginning on December 1. 

">November 25, 2015

Here is a statement on the decision, from the NCAA:

The university provided new information to the NCAA on Nov. 20, including an independent review of Diallo’s coursework. Based on both the independent review and the Eligibility Center’s existing information, the NCAA approved his initial eligibility waiver.

“Our goal is to have eligibility decisions made prior to the start of a student-athlete’s season,” said Oliver Luck, NCAA executive vice president of regulatory affairs. “However, this was a complicated case involving international transcripts and a high school that remains under review. Additionally, staff considered a complex set of circumstances regarding amateurism.”

The NCAA received a ton of heat for their drawn out process in clearing Diallo, from head coach Bill Self to prominent media members like Jay Bilas and Dick Vitale. Diallo's first game for Kansas will come at home against the Loyola Greyhounds.