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This Dorm For Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Players Is Unbelievable

A Kansas basketball player showing off the Jayhawks dorm.

Courtesy KUhoops

And you thought your college dorm wasn't too bad. Wait until you see the dorm for the Kansas Jayhawks basketball players.

There is a theatre room, and not like the ones you hear your friends brag about, this is a legitimate theatre. That isn't even the coolest feature in this Kansas Jayhawks basketball dorm.

  • A half-court that is fully loaded and nicer than what plenty of high schools and even colleges have around the country.
  • A kitchen that you could easily park three cars in.
  • Let's not forget about the game room that of course looks over the basketball court equipped with a pool table, a ping pong table and three giant plasma screens.
  • Even the shower heads are installed higher up on the wall for the players.
  • My personal favorite feature, a barbershop.

Kansas Jayhawks guard Devonte' Graham and forward Landen Lucas give us a tour of McCarthy Hall; the unimaginable dorm building that houses the basketball team.

I was happy to have my own bedroom and a washer and dryer in my dorm room.