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Watch: Kansas Pulls Off Trick Play As Kick Returner Camouflages Himself In End Zone

Kansas pulls off trick play.

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Kansas just pulled off something you don't see everyday.

A standard pass across the field during a kickoff return is nothing special. A player laying down to camouflage himself in the end zone before receiving a pass across the field during a kickoff return is. That's exactly what Kansas just did.

Yes, you just watched Kansas wideout LaQuvionte Gonzalez lay down and camouflage himself in the Jayhawks' end zone.

It really is a smart trick play to catch the opposition off guard. If a player can trot out there before anyone else gets set up for the kickoff and lay down he really could go unnoticed.

Gonzalez only returned it to the 34-yard line, but hey, you can't knock the creativity.

Now the question is why doesn't Boise State pull off this kind of trickery on its all-blue field? The Broncos often wear blue from head to toe during home games and it's easy to lose a player on the field just by watching a game on TV.

Kansas trails Iowa State 28-24 in the fourth quarter.