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Photo: Kansas' Official Athletics Site Counts Spring Game As 2012 Season Win

Wins are hard to come by.

Update: The Kansas official site has been updated and now correctly shows the program's 1-11 record for 2012 -- sorry Kansas fans, if we were the reason behind your school vacating a win.

Earlier: I'm not sure which is more embarrassing for Kansas -- Charlie Weis calling his own team a pile of crap, or this.

Everybody knows that the past few football seasons have been quite rough for the Jayhawks. How rough? Things have been so bad that the school is counting its spring game as a win. Here's how the Jayhawks remember their 2012 campaign, according to the official athletics website:

Now, to be fair to Kansas, most schools put a "W" next to the final score of the Spring game on the schedule -- however, most don't add it to the win total at the top. Oh well, the Jayhawks will take wins however they can get them.

[Pete Scantlebury]