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Report: Kansas To Wear PHOG and CHALK Alternates For The Rest Of The Season

Sticking with 'em.

Several days ago, the Kansas Jayhawks announced that they would be unveiling two new uniform combinations: a 'CHALK' jersey that would be worn against rival Kansas State, and a 'PHOG' version that would be debuted in the showdown vs. Iowa State. The uniforms apparently have been a big hit with the team, and now they will be used for the rest of the season instead of just for special games.

Bill Self shared the news on his weekly radio show, per

“Because I personally, and our players personally, prefer those to what we have been wearing. Not that what we’ve been wearing (during nonconference season) has been bad, we just prefer these to be better. If the color schemes allow us to wear them like they did last night, I’d anticipate you seeing those uniforms moving forward the rest of the year. I think the grays are gorgeous."

He’s not as big a fan of the jerseys worn in nonconference play and during the conference opener at Oklahoma.

“The uniforms we have now are probably my least favorite uniforms that we’ve had since I’ve been here, without question,” Self said. “So I wanted to make sure we got other (alternate) uniforms to wear. It’s not anybody’s fault; I agreed to it.”

For a refresher, here are the two new variations that have been worn: