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Video: Taiwanese Animation Studio Creates Ridiculous Video Breaking Down The "KUBoobs" Situation


Every few months college sports fans get a real treat courtesy of Next Media, a Taiwanese animation studio. The studio creates ridiculous videos that poke fun at the biggest scandals of the day.

In the past here at College Spun, we have shown you videos that mock Lane Kiffin, Manti Te'o, and even Tommy Tuberville. And today, we get to present you with another masterpiece -- Next Media breaks down the KUBoobs drama.

If you aren't yet familiar with the KUBoobs story, you can catch up here. In short, @KUBoobs is a twitter account that posts racy photos of women in Kansas Jayhawks gear -- the account was recently sent a cease and desist letter after it started selling wristbands that said "I <3 KUBoobs."

Here's the studio's perspective on the situation, titled "Kansas University squeezes @KUBoobs to cease-and-desist" -- enjoy:

[Sportress Of Blogitude]