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Auburn's AD Wrote A Letter To Kansas State's Student Newspaper, Thanked The School For Its Hospitality

This is one of the classiest things you'll see today. Auburn and Kansas State met on the football field in Manhattan, KS earlier this month, and the Tigers upended the Wildcats, 20-14. The environment for the contest was fantastic, and the game itself was incredibly entertaining.

Today, in a letter published in Kansas State's student newspaper The Collegian, Auburn Director of Athletics Jay Jacobs thanked KSU's fans, students, and AD John Currie for for making the trip "a memorable one." Jacobs complemented the university's "beautiful campus" and "outstanding athletic facilities," and wished the school the best of luck for the rest of this season.

We like to boast that we have the best game day experience in the nation in the Southeastern Conference, but the environment at K-State is as good as I have ever seen. In the days since our trip to Manhattan, many of our fans have told me it was the best they have ever been treated on a road trip. Considering how many road games some of our fans attend, that is saying a lot.

The hospitality was outstanding. I can understand the courteousness prior to the game, but the way we were treated after the game was such a pleasant surprise. You are all first class.

This is an amazing display of sportsmanship from Jacobs, and it would be awesome if we saw ADs and other high ranking officials at universities do this more often.