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Bill Snyder On Mack Brown: "If I Have To Lose, It Needs To Be To A Friend"

So classy.

Both Texas and Kansas State have gotten off to rough starts in 2013. Obviously, Mack Brown is on the hot seat after losses to BYU and Ole Miss, and Kansas State losing to North Dakota State in week 1 shouldn't happen, regardless of how good of a program NDSU is at the FCS level.

This past weekend, the two teams played each other, and Texas edged out the Wildcats, 31-21. Mack Brown and Bill Snyder are good friends, and playing against the other is never as "easy" as it may be to a rival. In fact, Snyder, one of the classiest coaches in the country, had a pretty funny quote after the game:

It appears that Snyder, like Texas A&M fans, wants Mack to keep his job, although for different reasons. As stated above, the two are good friends -- very good, apparently:

It's nice to see a side of football that isn't so cutthroat every once in a while.