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ESPN Host Colin Cowherd Says Big 12 Will Evaporate, With Oklahoma Joining SEC, Texas To Pac-12

Ahh, conference realignment. Always a fun topic in college sports, right?

The major wave of realignment has passed, but new rumors and possibilities continue to creep up in the media and on message boards. The latest report comes from ESPN talk show host Colin Cowherd, who sees the Power Five becoming the Power Four, at the expense of the Big 12. 

">June 30, 2015

Well, this is certainly an interesting scenario to consider. Keep in mind, Oklahoma University President David L. Boren recently said he would like to see the Big 12 expand to 12 teams, but the dissolution of the conference could benefit the overall landscape of college football better, as it would even out the number of conferences competing for playoff spots.

Right now, this all just conjecture, but if we've learned anything about the world of conference realignment, it is to be prepared for anything.