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Fans Start Petition To Kick Baylor Out Of The Big 12

baylor petition big 12

While many fans of Big 12 teams believe the conference should be looking to add teams to its roster, there is one group that thinks the league should instead go in the other direction. A college football fan who goes by AJ Hooper has started a petition on to kick Baylor out of the Big 12 after the football program's ugly sexual assault scandal. 

The petition calls Baylor a "disgrace." It currently has 153 of the 200 signatures required to send it the league's way.


— Chris Bennett (@chrisgb00)

Baylor University should be kicked out of the Big 12 conference. - Sign the Petition via @Change

— Chris Bennett (@chrisgb00) June 12, 2016

">June 12, 2016

No, this won't actually lead to anything - these kinds of petitions rarely do. But if Art Briles is only suspended instead of fired, expect a lot of people to criticize the school - again.