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Video: Haitian Hurdler Wipes Out On First Hurdle, Gets Destroyed By Internet

Olympic hurdler wipes out.


Haitian hurdler Jeffrey Julmis is going to want his performance in the 110-meter hurdles this evening during the Rio Olympics back.

As he approached the first hurdle of the semi-final heat, he...well, he mostly just trips and barrels through it rather embarrassingly.

It is hard to feel anything but awful for Julmis after watching this.

To Julmis' credit, after this awful moment, he recovered and finished the race, even if he had no chance of finishing in anything but last place.

Julmis is an Olympian, which means he's better at hurdles than the rest of us are at virtually any activity. That didn't stop Twitter from absolutely savaging the Haitian hurdler.

Julmis represents Haiti in Olympic competition, but the runner was actually born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is his second appearance in the Summer Olympics. In the 2012 London Games, he finished 8th in the same 110-meter hurdles event. He raced in college at Kansas State, after a stop at Cloud County Community College. In 2011, he finished second in the 110-meter hurdles at the Big 12 Championships, and fourth in the NCAA Finals. Julmis finished third in his Monday heat with a time of 13.66 seconds, which placed him in tonight's semifinal.

Unfortunately, this moment will likely cloud the rest of Julmis' Olympics. The 110-meter hurdles is the only event he is slated to compete in at these games. Hopefully he manages to bounce back, though again, competing in the Olympic Games at all should mean more than one unfortunate, viral fall.

Also of note in the 110-meter hurdles event: Oregon wide receiver Devon Allen qualified for the final race after finishing third in the semifinal with a time of 13.36 seconds. He races for gold at 9:45 p.m. tonight. The Ducks football star will be in lane two, and is one of two Americans in the gold medal race.