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Kansas State Announces That Bill Snyder Will Coach Team In 2016

Most programs don't put out press releases to announce a coach's return, but after a down season, there were some questions surrounding Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder. At 76, the KSU legend isn't planning on hanging 'em up quite yet, however, and announced his return for 2016 via press release.

">January 11, 2016

“Following our bowl game against Arkansas, I had a chance to visit with my family, and they collectively wanted me to do what I wanted to do and none were against my decision to return as long as I am having a positive impact on the young people in our program, my health is in order and as long as I am wanted by the University and the wonderful Kansas State fan base,” Snyder said.

Snyder is one of the few coaches in sports that has total control of his future, and we expect he'll do whatever he believes is best for Kansas State moving forward. We look froward to seeing him back on the sideline next season.

[Kansas State]