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Video: K-State Students Booed Kansas' Brannen Greene Unmercifully During Warm-Ups

Brannen Greene dunks during warm-ups to a chorus of boos.

Brannen Greene

Earlier this month, Kansas' Brannen Greene caught flak from his own coach for a meaningless last-second dunk during a blow-out victory over Kansas State. KU head coach Bill Self called the unsportsmanlike play "a dick move." 

Well, Kansas is in the Little Apple tonight to take on the Wildcats, and K-State students are letting Greene know how they felt about his decision. When he went out for pre-game warm-ups, he was booed lustily.

How did Greene respond? By going out and dunking right away. 

">February 20, 2016

He doesn't seem to be phased too much by it. We'll see if that changes when the game begins at the top of the hour.