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Oklahoma Loses Two Linemen In One Week

The hits keep coming.

Oklahoma fans have every reason to be excited for this upcoming season.

The Sooners return a Heisman candidate QB in Landry Jones after he turned down a chance to play in the NFL. Mike Stoops is back again to run a defense expected to be rock-solid. And, while three wide receivers were suspended indefinitely from the team this spring, the Sooners managed to steal Penn State's best receiver in Justin Brown.

However, there is some recent news that has to cause some discomfort among the Sooner faithful; in the past week, Oklahoma has lost two starting offensive linemen for the season.

First was senior center Ben Habern, who according to NBC Sports, had to throw in the towel on his career due to lingering neck and back injuries. This was sad news for a kid who had given everything to the program. But this wasn't the extent of the bad news, as on Monday, starting guard Tyler Evans tore his ACL in practice.

That's 61 combined starts gone for the Sooners in a one-week span, and now they will be searching for answers. Hopefully Landry is able to put the team on his back.