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5 Rivalries That Could End In The Next Round Of Conference Realignment

Here are five rivalries we aren't sure will last forever.

Conference realignment has made a number of schools more money, but it's also thrown some solid rivalries to the curb. West Virginia vs. Pittsburgh is no more. Texas vs. Texas A&M is gone. The Syracuse vs. Georgetown basketball rivalry isn't what it was. It likely isn't over either.

Conference realignment is going to happen again - it's just a matter of time. Here are five rivalry games we aren't sure will survive it.

Texas vs. Oklahoma

The Red River Rivalry is the biggest rivalry game in the Big 12 each year, but if Oklahoma and Texas move to different conferences, it likely won't survive.

We think it's very possible that Oklahoma winds up in the SEC a decade from now, with Texas likely in the Pac-12/16. There's no way Oklahoma is going to play nine SEC games and Texas every season.

UNC vs. Duke (football)

The Big Ten will likely expand again, and when it does, it's going to be looking for solid state schools with good academics in new markets. UNC and Georgia Tech make perfect sense.

Duke and UNC will likely always find a way to play at least one basketball game a year, but the football game would probably go by the wayside.

Alabama vs. Auburn (annual)

There's chatter that Auburn would be open to the idea of moving from the SEC West to the SEC East. In such a situation, the Iron Bowl would be an issue.

Why? Because Alabama already has a permanent crossover game with Tennessee. The Crimson Tide would not be able to play two permanent crossovers.

Could the SEC expand to a nine-game schedule and have two permanent crossover games? Maybe. But if it decides to expand and add Oklahoma/Oklahoma State at some point, that might not work anymore.

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech

Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate has been around since 1893, and it's been one of the most entertaining rivalries in college football for some time now. But it may not be around forever either.

If Georgia Tech moves to the Big Ten at some point, it's going to have to move to a nine-game schedule. Would the Yellow Jackets also want a top tier SEC program on their slate too?

Similarly, if the SEC moves to a nine-game schedule at some point, would Georgia want an ACC foe on top of that?

Kansas vs. Kansas State

If the Big 12 splits up, Kansas and Kansas State are going to be two interesting programs to follow. The Jayhawks have an incredibly weak football program, but boast one of the nation's best basketball programs. Kansas State does a bit better on the football field and a bit worse on the court.

It's entirely feasible that the Big Ten takes a program like Kansas, while the Pac-12/16 grabs Kansas State. In that situation, it'd be interesting to see if the in-state rivals would find a way to fit each other into scheduling.