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Alabama Superstar Appeared To Stop Himself From Ripping Kyler Murray

Alabama football star Quinnen Williams speaks about Kyler Murray at Orange Bowl media day.

FOX 23 News

The upcoming College Football Semifinal between Alabama and Oklahoma is largely defined by the quarterback dual between Tua Tagovailoa and Kyler Murray, but Alabama's Quinnen Williams is a similarly impactful force on the defensive side.

Earlier this month, Murray beat out Tagovailoa for the Heisman Trophy, a somewhat controversial choice considering Tagovailoa's status as the Heisman favorite for most of the season.

Since winning the award, intrigue in Murray as a quarterback continues to increase.

Despite the arrangement that is set to have him head to baseball full time following this season, after he was drafted in the early first round by the Oakland A's earlier this year, it certainly seems like he has interest in the NFL.

The recent decision by Oregon's Justin Herbert to return to school next year might open things up for Murray as a quarterback draft prospect as well.

Still, Williams doesn't sound overly impressed by the QB that he'll face in a few days.

When asked if he had faced a quarterback like Kyler Murray before, Quinnen Williams' incomplete answer was telling.

When asked if he'd faced a QB that resembled Murray, Williams said no, and it sounded like he was going to take a dig at the Heisman winner.

Instead, he cut himself off, which was probably a wise move.

Oklahoma shouldn't need any extra motivation against Alabama, but Williams didn't want to aid in the bulletin material department either way.