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Baker Mayfield Jokingly Blames Katy Perry For Oklahoma's 2014 Collapse

Baker Mayfield knows why Oklahoma fell apart in 2014 after a promising 2013 campaign: pop star Katy Perry.

During this afternoon's Oklahoma football news conference, Mayfield was asked about the 2014 season.

That year, coming off of a spectacular 45-31 Sugar Bowl win over Alabama, OU had incredibly high expectations, and ranked No. 4 through the first month of the year.

When October came, the Sooners' season went crashing down. And Mayfield knows the true reason: Katy Perry.

From ESPN:

To all Oklahoma fans still upset about their team's collapse in 2014, Baker Mayfield has identified a culprit.

"I blame Katy Perry," he joked on Monday at the team's weekly news conference.

Perry was the guest picked for the October 4 episode of College GameDay, which filmed from Ole Miss. It was among the strangest and most eventful episodes of the long-running ESPN show in recent memory.

For a recap, Perry: successfully predicted that Ole Miss would upset Alabama, said that LSU fans smell like corn dogs, trolled Nick Saban after his loss to the Rebels, and was spotted chugging beers and jumping off tables in Oxford after the game.

She also asked then-Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight to call her, something that followed him all the way through the NFL Draft process.

After Perry pseudo-asked out Knight, Oklahoma lost to TCU hours later, and finished the season 4-5. Knight was never the same, and the following year lost his starting job to Mayfield. So, in a weird way, Mayfield may owe some of his success to Perry.

Of course, one can not weigh in on the "Firework" singer without answering one of the nation's great questions: Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. And recent iffy singles aside, Mayfield comes down squarely in the latter camp.

Mayfield, currently ranked second among Division I quarterbacks in passer rating, also was asked Monday if he favored Perry or Taylor Swift, Perry's former bestie turned nemesis, after what happened in 2014.

"I don't think there is any comparison," he said.

Team Taylor has another loyal supporter in Norman, it seems.

Fair enough, Baker. Fair enough.