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What Baker Mayfield's Arrest Means For Oklahoma

Oklahoma QB and early Heisman favorite Baker Mayfield was arrested early Friday morning, so what impact will it have on the Sooners?

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield was arrested early Friday morning and charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, fleeing and resisting arrest. While it's unclear what exactly led to the incident, it's certainly a bad look for Mayfield and for Oklahoma, a school that is still not quite moved past Joe Mixon's assault of a female student in July 2014. The football program isn't in the best place public relations-wise, and Mayfield's arrest sure doesn't help recuperate their image. So, what does his arrest mean moving forward?

First, it puts head coach Bob Stoops in an awkward and precarious position once again. Stoops and administrators were criticized for not coming down hard enough on Mixon, and now all eyes will be on Stoops once again as he'll be forced to legislate punishment on another star player. Let's be clear— comparing Mayfield's recent transgressions to Mixon's would be comparing apples to oranges, but if Stoops looks like he's going easy on the Hesiman-hopeful with his punishment, he's going to be thrashed by the media and it'll be another PR nightmare for the school— and rightfully so. It remains a mystery what exactly transpired in Mayfield's case, so we'll have to see.

Furthermore, in terms of football, it obviously puts the Sooners' national championship hopes in jeopardy. They take on Ohio State in week 2 of the season, and they're just not going to win that game without Mayfield under center. Again, we don't know if he'll even be suspended a game as a result, but the facts remain that he got arrested, and he'll unquestionably have to face some form of punishment from Oklahoma.