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Baker Mayfield Looks Back On His College Transfer Decision

Baker Mayfield throwing the ball during warmups.

STILLWATER, OK - NOVEMBER 28: Baker Mayfield #6 of the Oklahoma Sooners prepares to take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Boone Pickens Stadium on November 28, 2015 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Before he went on to become a Heisman Trophy winner at Oklahoma, Baker Mayfield was the starting quarterback for Texas Tech. However, an unfortunate injury resulted in him losing his starting gig.

During an appearance on the YNK Podcast, Mayfield opened up about his time at Texas Tech.

"Walked on at Texas Tech first, went there for just my freshman semester," Mayfield said, via 247Sports. "So I got there July seventh or eight — I can't remember now — but then wound up getting the starting job before the season started and started the first five games, got hurt. Then when I got healthy again — this was Kliff's (Kingsbury) first year as a head coach at Texas Tech — when I got healthy again, it's just a couple games later, thought I would just go right back into starting, 'cause we were 5-0 when I started. And then it was three games later when I was healthy and ready to play, and then they didn't put me back in and I was like, 'The hell's going on?' And then, at that point, I was like, 'OK, am I at least going to be on scholarship?' Because at the time, our family dynamic — we were just financially not doing good."

Once Mayfield learned that he wasn't going to receive a scholarship offer from Texas Tech, he decided to explore his other options. That ultimately led him to Oklahoma.

"So when I saw that, I was like, 'OK, this is my opportunity. I've kind of leveled the playing field. I know now that I can compete at this level. I'm going to go chase my dream to go play at Oklahoma.' And so, because I had applied out of high school to Oklahoma, at the end of December semester, enrolled and my mom and I drove up and because we weren't allowed to talk to anybody in the athletic department, we enrolled in school as just a normal student."

Mayfield also revealed what his first conversation with former Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops was like.

While at a team dinner, Mayfield told Stoops, "I'd love the chance to play here." Stoops simply responded, "Well, I guess you come to workouts."

It's safe to say Mayfield made the right decision choosing Oklahoma. In three seasons with the Sooners, he had 12,292 passing yards and 119 touchdown passes.