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Baker Mayfield Believes Oklahoma Should Be Ranked Ahead Of Ohio State

Baker Mayfield wasn't happy with this week's AP Poll.

The first College Football Playoff rankings come out tonight, and while it's very possible that Ohio State will be in the top four, Oklahoma is more of a long-shot.

Currently, Ohio State sits at No. 3 in the AP Poll with Oklahoma at No. 8, and yesterday, Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield gave his thoughts on the Sooners sitting behind the Buckeyes in the rankings.

"You talk head to head matchup, you've got to have some sense to count that," Mayfield said. "I mean, you talk about head to head, they beat Penn State and both of them are still ranked higher than us. It's just ... I don't understand it."

While it's true the Sooners won head-to-head versus the Buckeyes, Ohio State has been dominating teams ever since the loss. Oklahoma, on the other hand, has had some extremely close calls against inferior opponents.