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Paul George Didn't Recognize Baker Mayfield At Thunder Game

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Baker Mayfield is one of the biggest sports figures in Oklahoma and the reigning Heisman winner, but not everyone recognizes him with the pads off.

Paul George is a fan of Baker Mayfield's play on the field.

Back in early December, the Oklahoma City Thunder star was asked about the Sooners quarterback, and he called him a "stud" and said that he has "that 'it' about him."

From December:

“Yeah man he’s been a stud. I’ve been following up on him being here in Oklahoma. He just has that “it” about him. As far as being a leader, he holds everybody accountable and he’s always ready. He’s the perfect guy if you’re a team and you want somebody in that spot. He’s the perfect guy for it.

He’s definitely a guy that’s going to play on Sundays and there’s a lot of money on Sundays. Big fan. Big fan of Baker, he’s been playing really well. His team’s playing really well. Offense – the offense is one of the best in college football. He’s one of the biggest reasons for it.”

It certainly sounded like George had been paying attention to the superstar quarterback 20 miles away. However, after last night's Thunder game against the Clippers, George clearly didn't recognize Mayfield at courtside, and the video is pretty funny.

After the video made the rounds, Paul George reached out to Mayfield on Twitter to apologize. There were no hard feelings.

George had a big 31-point game, helping the Thunder past the Clippers 127-117.