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Baker Mayfield Only Threw For 9 Yards In Senior Bowl Today

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Baker Mayfield reportedly looked sharp all week during Senior Bowl practices, but his performance in the actual game was pretty limited.

Most of the week was dominated by questions over whether Baker Mayfield would even play in the game. Earlier today, it was confirmed that he would.

Well, he would play in a half at least. Mayfield reportedly left at halftime of today's game in Mobile, Alabama.

Of course, Mayfield has a very good reason for the short stint. His mother has been dealing with health issues.

It has not been confirmed if that is why he only played in the first half. However, it is a pretty legitimate explanation.

Mayfield arrived a day late for Senior Bowl preparation for the same reason. He drew some criticism for it, but responded by saying that "nothing is more important than family."

Still, the Senior Bowl experience was probably a good one for the Oklahoma star. He met with four teams that are reportedly interested in making him a first-round pick, and he is even "in play" to be the first pick by the Cleveland Browns.

The game itself wasn't the best example of Mayfield's play, though. He finished with just nine yards on the afternoon.

Only Troy's Brandon Silvers threw fewer passes. He accrued the same yardage with just one completion in two throws.

Seven attempts won't define Mayfield's week, though. The interactions that he had during the week itself will probably wind up meaning much more, as will his performance on the field and in the interviews.