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Look: Baker Mayfield Wears 'Traitor' Shirt That Texas Tech Fans Wore Last Year

Baker Mayfield wearing "traitor" shirt.

Baker Mayfield definitely knows how to rile people up.

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield transferred out of Texas Tech in 2013 when he wasn't offered a scholarship by the school, and last year when the Sooners came to town to play the Red Raiders, fans made"Traitor" shirts to, uhhh, criticize Mayfield for doing what was in his best interest?

Anyway, Mayfield decided to get the last laugh, as he wore the shirt today for pre-game warmups before taking the field against Texas Tech.

Check it out:

Here's Mayfield strutting toward the stadium in the t-shirt:

It's definitely petty, but it's also pretty awesome. Reminds me a little bit of Steve Prefontaine when he donned the famous "Stop Pre" shirt.