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Bob Stoops Is Getting Crushed For What He's Saying About The Joe Mixon Video

Bob Stoops is holding a press conference this evening regarding the Joe Mixon video. To many, it's not going great.

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops held a press conference this evening regarding the release of the Joe Mixon 2014 assault video, which shows him violently striking a woman. Mixon was suspended for the entire 2014 season, but has played for the Sooners for the past two seasons.

Stoops says he "hated" what he saw on the video when he watched it (he saw it long before it was released to the media) and that he thought the one-year suspension was a "significant" punishment. He added that if this incident had happened now, Mixon would've been kicked off the team, as times have changed.

The Sooners' head coach is being criticized by many for what he's said in the press conference.

Mixon, along with being suspended by the program for a year, served a year of probation, did 100 hours of community service and underwent counseling.

You can watch video of Stoops' comments here.