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ESPN's Travis Haney Drops An Interesting College Football Playoff Foursome On Twitter

An ESPN sign hanging that's very old

All week long, college football analysts around the country have been making predictions regarding who they think will wind up in this year's College Football Playoff. ESPN's Travis Haney might take the cake for the boldest prediction of all.

Wednesday afternoon, Haney, on Twitter, predicted that the playoff will consist of Michigan State, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Arizona State. The Aggies and the Sun Devils open the season playing each other this weekend, so he's really making quite a claim.

Haney has Michigan State beating Oklahoma in the national title game. Ohio State is not in his foursome.

">@KirkHerbstreit just said on RK's show, can't just go straight chalk for predictions. And it's going to be a weird, wild season.

— Travis Haney (@TravHaneyESPN) September 2, 2015

Last week, we saw the ESPN College GameDay guys make some interesting picks - a few of them included Texas A&M and Arizona State too. Is the hype justified?