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Former NFL Scout Weighs In On Baker Mayfield's Lewd Gesture

Baker Mayfield made quite a gesture towards Kansas' bench on Saturday.

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield has had an interesting day against Kansas. The Jayhawks refused to shake his hand during the coin toss and one of their players later took a cheap shot on him after a play. Mayfield has gotten into it with fans - and also now made a lewd gesture towards his opponent's bench.

Will all this affect his potential NFL draft stock? Not according to one former scout.

Greg Gabriel, who has 30 years of scout experience, says if you think Mayfield's stock will fall because of the gesture, you "don't have a clue" how it all works.

He's probably right. Mayfield will have to go through the NFL Combine and dozens of interviews with teams before it's all said and done. He'll also likely have won the Heisman Trophy after the season.