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Joe Mixon Apologizes For Punching Female Student In 2014 At Press Conference

Joe Mixon spoke to the media today for just the second time since he punched fellow Oklahoma student Amelia Molitor in the face, which led to a year-long suspension. He took the opportunity to publicly apologize.

Mixon opened his press conference by directly apologizing to Molitor, over 2.5 years after the incident occurred in 2014.

Mixon reiterates that he has avoided talking about the situation to this point based on advice from his lawyers.

He also cited the meeting Oklahoma players had with Brenda Tracy, the former sexual assault victim from Oregon State who now works as an activist to combat sexual assault on college campuses. He says that he wants to use his experiences and mistakes to teach others.

Mixon was asked about his football future, but did not elaborate on his plans regarding the NFL. From CBS Sports:

"I'm not worried about the NFL right now. I'm totally right now committed to the team," he said. "I haven't made a decision. I'm focused on January 2nd -- beating Auburn."

Don't expect this to be the last we hear about the Mixon story, especially once he decides to make a move to the NFL, whether it is after the Sugar Bowl or in the future.