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Watch: Amelia Molitor Police Interview After Joe Mixon Incident Released

The Norman police interview with Amelia Molitor after she was punched by Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon has been released.

The Norman Police Department released the full video, nearly an hour long, during which they ask the OU student about the encounter.

The full video, posted by the department, is available at YouTube. posted a summary of the video. Molitor alleges that the confrontation began outside of the restaurant, Pickleman's, after Mixon and others began to cat call her.

According to Molitor, Mixon followed her group inside and the confrontation continued. The surveillance video from inside the restaurant shows she placed her hands on him, hit him in the face, and then Mixon punched her. Molitor fell to the ground.

“I remember a flash, like, looking at Joe, like, he was in front of me, and then just, like, it was like I got hit by a train and black. And I regained consciousness and I was on the ground. And there was blood, like, all over the floor,” Molitor said during the interview.

Joe Mixon said that racial slurs were used by Molitor during the altercation, which Molitor flatly denied, saying she was "100-percent sure" she did not use any towards him.

Mixon is entering the NFL Draft, but does not have an invite to the combine, and could face an uphill battle, as many teams reportedly consider him undraftable after video of the incident surfaced this fall.