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Joe Mixon Visits 5-Year Old Oklahoma Fan In The Hospital

Former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon took the time to visit a young Sooners fan in the hospital on Tuesday.

Joe Mixon, the controversial running back from Oklahoma, made a visit to a children's hospital on Tuesday to hang out with a 5-year old fan, according to TMZ.

Mixon apparently received word that 5-year old Cooper Slate had been hospitalized with an infection, and privately reached out to the family to see if he could make an appearance to try and raise everyone's spirits.

Nixon arrived at 9:30 p.m. to minimize the chance of being recognized.

John Slate, Cooper's father, told TMZ that Mixon spent about an hour hanging out with the family, taking pictures and signing autographs. Since the visit, he's been checking up on Cooper via text message.

Slate also told TMZ that he was "so blown away by Mixon's kindness" that he's going to write a letter to every NFL owner and GM, in order to let them know what Mixon did for his son.