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Rutgers OL Grad Transfer Jonah Jackson Apears To Be Leaning Towards Oklahoma Over Ohio State

Jonah Jackson and the Rutgers offensive line set to snap against Nebraska.

LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMBER 23: Center Jonah Jackson #73 of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights snaps against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Memorial Stadium on September 23, 2017 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)

Rutgers graduate transfer Jonah Jackson is one of the top offensive linemen available for teams who want a plug-and-play veteran up front. A number of big programs got involved with the former Scarlet Knight captain, but it sounds like things are probably down to Ohio State and Oklahoma.

Jackson is a native of Media, Pennsylvania, about 20 miles West of Philadelphia. Both schools would give him a chance to start at a college football power.

Two weeks ago, he made the trip out to Columbus, which reportedly went well. This past weekend's visit to Oklahoma may have topped it though.

It is unclear when a decision will come, but as of now, it sounds like the Sooners may be in pole position.

247Sports' 'BM5' Ohio State podcast discussed the latest Jonah Jackson reports, and where both teams stand.

Bill Greene and David Biddle acknowledged that while Oklahoma may have the edge in the recent visits, Ohio State still has a decent shot.

From 247:

"I wouldn't say its terrible, but what you'd like to see coming out of that Oklahoma visit saying 'There's no comparison, Ohio State's my place.' I have a pretty good source on Jonah here, and I had the story on the Ohio State visit two weeks ago, and that went really well.

"But yesterday, the report on the Oklahoma visit is that it went really well. Maybe a little better. It might be a little better fit there for Jonah, it might be more of an opportunity on that O-Line, they lost about everybody. It might be a better fit with those players, the coaches."

If the Buckeyes have an edge, it is in proximity. While Columbus isn't right around the corner, as they acknowledge, Norman is way farther for his parents to travel if they want to see him play during his senior season.

"But the distance is definitely something that's going to be discussed between Jonah and his parents, and it's not like Ohio State is a short hitchhike from their house. The drive to Ohio State from their house is seven hours. But the drive to Oklahoma is forever."

That being said, only the Jacksons know if it is a major factor. We should find out soon enough which of these College Football Playoff contenders will add the veteran lineman.