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Kyler Murray Will Make More Than Lincoln Riley This Year

Oklahoma outfielder Kyler Murray waits for a pitch.

In professional sports, it is not at all rare for a star player to make more than his head coach. That is especially true for NFL quarterback, who are among the highest paid players in the sport.

In college football, however, the vast majority aren't making anything beyond their scholarships. Kyler Murray's situation is a bit unique, however.

NCAA rules allow players to be professionals in one sport, but retain their "amateurism" in another. That is the case for Murray, who was selected ninth overall in this week's MLB Draft by the Oakland Athletics.

Murray is the projected starting quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners, set to inherit the job previously held by Baker Mayfield. This year, he emerged on the diamond for OU's baseball team, becoming a slugger and star outfielder.

Murray's high selection netted him a signing bonus of about $4.7 million. That pay day is more than his head coach Lincoln Riley will make this season. He'll make $3.1 million in his second year.

If Kyler Murray receives the $4.76 million that his pick is valued at, he will actually be the third-highest paid person in Big 12 football next year.

Former MLB farmhand William DuPont pointed that fun fact out. Tom Herman and Gary Patterson will each make over five million next season.

There were serious questions about whether Murray would play football at all this fall. He was projected to go in the first two rounds, and there is a definite argument to be made that playing a year of football for Oklahoma isn't worth the injury risk, even with the signing bonus in his back pocket.

However, after the MLB Draft, Murray revealed that he'd be back in Norman for the fall.

Oklahoma baseball just wrapped up its season, losing back-to-back games to Mississippi State in the regional. Murray finished the season batting .296 with a .954 OPS, 10 home runs, 47 RBIs, and 10 stolen bases.