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Louis Riddick Evaluates How Baker Mayfield Has Looked At The Senior Bowl

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The ESPN analyst has weighed in on how Baker Mayfield has looked so far.

We're two practices into Senior Bowl week in Mobile, Ala. Unsurprisingly, most eyes so far have been on Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield.

ESPN has NFL analyst Louis Riddick down in Alabama. He's evaluated how Mayfield has done so far at practice.

"I think he did fantastic quite honestly," Riddick said on ESPN. "I think he'll continue to improve."

Mayfield, a potential first-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, does have some shortcomings. He's on the short side and he hasn't done a ton of work under center.

Riddick is confident Mayfield can overcome these things. He's compared Mayfield a little bit to Drew Brees.

"Baker Mayfield is a natural thrower," Riddick said. "He's getting more comfortable working under center."

Riddick also likes Mayfield's dynamic playmaking ability. He probably won't do too much running in the NFL, but the potential is there.

"You know he can run the football out of the pocket. You know he can make plays on the run."

The ESPN analyst is overall really high on Mayfield. He thinks he'll have a great NFL career unless one thing gets in the way - himself.

"He's going to have a fantastic career. The only thing that will stop Baker Mayfield is himself," Riddick said.