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Oklahoma Fans Are Now Calling For The Sooners To Leave The Big 12

"We should leave the Big 12." 

The above statement appeared to be a popular sentiment among Oklahoma fans on social media Wednesday night. The "let's leave!" feeling was propelled by the conference's decision to uphold its transfer rule, meaning Sooners' star quarterback Baker Mayfield will not get back the year of eligibility he lost when he transferred from Texas Tech. 

Mayfield took to Twitter late Wednesday night to post a note about his feelings on his final year in Norman, Okla. 

He wasn't the only Sooner taking to Twitter last night. Dozens of others were doing the same, only they weren't posting heartfelt statements. They were trashing the Big 12 and saying their school needs to leave it. 

">June 2, 2016


— Tanner Powell (@TJPowell11)

Please leave the joke of a big 12 asap @OU_Football

— Tanner Powell (@TJPowell11) June 1, 2016

">June 1, 2016

">June 1, 2016

">@UofOklahoma leave the Big 12 pls.

— Corey Abernathy (@Mr_Abernasty)

.@UofOklahoma leave the Big 12 pls.

— Corey Abernathy (@Mr_Abernasty) June 2, 2016

">June 2, 2016

">June 2, 2016

">June 2, 2016

">@YouTube video Time for OU to Leave the Big 12

— Brian Martin (@bamsooner)

I liked a @YouTube video Time for OU to Leave the Big 12

— Brian Martin (@bamsooner) June 2, 2016

">June 2, 2016

">June 1, 2016

Joey Helmer, an Oklahoma reporter for 247Sports, is also calling for Oklahoma to leave the Big 12.

The University of Oklahoma is a university with pride, a university with dignity, a university with a quality reputation, a university with great respect around the country.

These five universities that voted against a player that wasn't recruited by the school he played for transferring to another school, regardless of conference affiliation, being able to play all four years of college failed to swallow their pride in order to do what's right for a college kid, lack dignity and, as far as I'm concerned, take a big hit in terms of reputation and respectability.

They're five universities the University of Oklahoma shouldn't want to, and doesn't have to, associate itself with.

Where would you want Oklahoma to end up, Sooners' fans?

The Big Ten? SEC? Pac-12?

Or are you among the group of OU fans wanting the school to stay put?