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Oklahoma Fired Its Mascot For "Taunting" Oklahoma State Fans

Oklahoma's mascot Boomer.


Bedlam, the nickname for the rivalry series between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, can get a bit crazy at times - but it's usually reserved for play either on the field or on the court. Apparently, one of the Sooners' mascots - a Sooner Schooner pony - went a bit overboard in the stands this past Saturday night.

According to Tulsa World, the mascot, who is unidentified, was dismissed from the position after he/she "taunted" and "spilled popcorn" on Oklahoma State fans. 

“The individual involved has been dismissed from the mascot program for unsportsmanlike behavior. The University of Oklahoma apologizes for this occurrence, which in no way reflects the standards of hospitality and sportsmanship of the University of Oklahoma.”

As for the game, Oklahoma won 82-65. Perhaps the mascot in question was just a little too excited by the victory.