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Homophobic Sign About OU Players Found On OSU's Student Union

A homophobic sign regarding two Oklahoma football players was found hanging on the Oklahoma State Student Union Building yesterday.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma state face off this week in their annual rivalry game, and naturally, throughout the week, fans on both sides will be going at each other. But some Oklahoma State fans have already taken "Hate Week" way, way too far.

This photo has been circulating social media since early Nov. 28, per 

Yeah. It's unacceptable—at the very least— and OU Student Government Association President-elect J.D. Baker thought so too:

He told

"I was like how is that offensive to Baker and Dede, then I realized it’s not offensive to them, it’s completely homophobic and offensive to the whole gay community,” Baker said.

"It’s just completely stupid. Childish, just childish. It’s laughable," he said. "It’s kind of like reality hits you. You really have hope for the world and that the world continues to grow and that people get smarter and wise and more woke, and then you realize there’s plenty of stupidity to go around in this world.”

The sign has since been removed.