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Oklahoma Wideout Jarvis Baxter Upset With Lack Of Playing Time

Oklahoma senior wideout Jarvis Baxter is upset about a lack of playing time this season.

Oklahoma knocked off TCU in a shootout Saturday night, 52-46, but Sooners senior wideout Jarvis Baxter wasn't part of the action. Baxter, who has just three catches for 42 yards on the season, is apparently a bit upset about the amount of time he's seeing on the field.

Baxter, after his team's win, took to Twitter to complain about his lack of playing time despite what he considers to be great performance in practice.

Baxter deleted the tweet after a few minutes, but the damage was already done.


In 2015, Baxter caught 20 balls for 218 yards and a score.

It's normal for players to get frustrated when they feel they aren't getting enough playing time, but taking to Twitter after a win won't go over well. We'll see if there's any fallout.