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Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield Is Now Dating An Oklahoma State Beauty Queen, Soccer Player

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, who transferred in from Texas Tech last year, has already shown us that he can kill the whip dance. Apparently, he also kills it with the ladies - well, at least one. The only issue? She's aligned with the enemy.

Mayfield appears to be dating Oklahoma State soccer player Baillie Burmaster, who has also competed in beauty pageants over the years. The two have been posting some photos on Instagram that make it clear that they're dating.

If you're wondering, yes, this is very similar to the whole A.J. McCarron, Katherine Webb thing. One is the quarterback at his school, the other attends (or attended) that school's rival.

If Mayfield is named the starter this fall over Trevor Knight (it's looking good), expect people to follow this story line.