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Oklahoma State Cheerleader To Be Disciplined For Attempting To Trip An Oklahoma Football Player

Should he be?

What is with people standing too close to the field during football games these days? Eric Atkinson, a member of Oklahoma State's cheer squad, was seen extending his leg toward Oklahoma's Erick Stricker just after the final play of Saturday's matchup between the rival schools. Atkinson claimed that he wasn't actually trying to trip Stricker, but the school has decided to take action against him anyway.

Dave Martin, Oklahoma State's deputy athletic director, issued a statement on the matter. Below is a portion:

"The Oklahoma State University athletics department does not condone, physical or verbally abusive acts toward anyone working, attending or competing in our athletic events. I have personally met with all the members of the OSU spirit team and verbalized our expectations for their representation of our department. I have met individually with the male student involved with the incident and he is extremely apologetic for his involvement. And he understands there will be consequences for his poor judgment and actions."

It's not clear exactly what those consequences will be.

Stricker has also issued an apology. Here is a Vine vide of the incident.