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Oklahoma State's Emmanuel Ogbah Says Cowboys Were "Out-Coached" In Loss To Oklahoma

There will be no Big 12 championship or College Football Playoff berth for Oklahoma State's football team this season. The Cowboys (10-2) fell to Oklahoma in Stillwater, Okla. in their final regular season game. 

It was a blowout - the Sooners defeated OSU, 58-23. 

Unsurprisingly, frustrations were high among Cowboys' players after the game. Oklahoma State star defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah let something slip to reporters that he probably shouldn't have. He said his team was "out-coached" in the loss. 

">November 29, 2015

He calmed down, though.

">November 29, 2015

">November 29, 2015

Ogbah then took to Twitter.

Losing is hard.

Ogbah, a junior, is likely headed to the NFL after this season.