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Photo: Craig Sager Will Wear Amazing Purple-Striped Shoes And Socks For Tonight's Oklahoma-MSU Game


There may not be a person in the world with more swag than Craig Sager, the sideline reporter for TNT and TBS. While his basketball coverage is great, it's his fashion that sets him apart from pretty much everyone, as each and every day he puts on an outfit that is sure to turn heads.

Tonight, he will be covering the Oklahoma-Michigan State matchup at the Barclays Center as part of the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic. As usual, he has something special planned:

That shoe and sock game is next-level. Although, I'm pretty surprised that he's considering the crimson pants, as it might look like he's leaning in favor of Oklahoma. Either way, he's dressed for success yet again -- the game will air on TruTV at 9:30 EST.