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Photo: Fans Hold Interesting Sign Supporting Joe Mixon Outside Oklahoma Pro Day

Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon is participating in the Sooners' Pro Day today, and he has at least two vocal supporters.

ESPN's Jake Trotter posted a picture from outside the building featuring two Oklahoma fans holding up a pro-Mixon sign. Mixon was not invited to last week's NFL Combine due to the 2014 incident which involved him punching a woman in the face.

Take a close look at it, because there is a lot going on.

Thinking Mixon deserves a second chance is okay, but this sign is definitely weird. The "Chosen One" and "Reborn and Risen" references, plus the phoenix rising out of the ashes, some weird hashtags. It appears to be a bit much. Inside the actual event, here are some of Mixon's measurables and testing numbers.

On talent alone, Mixon is one of the best running backs in this draft. If and when he gets picked will come down to which team is willing to deal with his past in order to employ him.