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Photo: Oklahoma Assistant Coach Pokes Fun At Nick Saban On Twitter

Alabama head coach Nick Saban has already suffered a loss this year - a rarity for the four-time national champion. The proposed "10-second rule", which Saban was in favor of, would have allowed defenses 10 seconds to substitute before the offense could snap the ball. But it was tabled last week and will not be implemented in NCAA football any time soon. Oklahoma running backs coach Cale Gundy made sure to rub it in on Twitter, and also took a shot at the Tide's performance against OU in the Sugar Bowl.

Gundy has taken shots at the SEC before, but never specifically gone after Saban.

">March 1, 2014

Saban has made it clear that he doesn't understand Twitter or why anyone would utilize the platform, so I doubt he'll catch wind of this. Either way, can we get another OU vs. Bama matchup?