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Photo: Check Out This 150-Pound Oklahoma Memorial Stadium Wedding Cake

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Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium got made into a massive wedding cake, and it looks delicious.

One couple went all out for the groom's wedding cake, and it's immaculate.

Two diehard Oklahoma fans got married earlier this week in Norman, Oklahoma, and the the groom's cake was a replica of Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

The 150-pound cake even included the most recent renovations. It's incredible.

Check it out:

According to ABC News, the bride and groom met on November 17, 2013—an Oklahoma-Iowa State game—and that's the game replicated in the cake, complete with the final 48-10 score.

Frosted Art Bakery and Studio in Dallas designed and created the cake, and it apparently took about a week to make.

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