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Photo: Suspended Oklahoma Freshman Joe Mixon Spotted At School's "RAH! Rally" With Team

Update: Oklahoma clarified Mixon's status as an attendee of the pep rally:

">September 12, 2014

Earlier: The Oklahoma football team is taking part in tonight's "RAH! Rally," held in anticipation of Saturday's game against Tennessee. This would not be terribly notable, except for the fact that suspended running back Joe Mixon was spotted with the team at the event. You can see him wearing the red headphones in the top-left picture in this tweet, sent by Oklahoma Athletics.


— Oklahoma Sooners (@OU_Athletics)

The RAH! Rally is the place to be tonight!

"We need everyone out there in Saturday..." -

— Oklahoma Sooners (@OU_Athletics) September 12, 2014

">September 12, 2014

Here's a better look:

">September 12, 2014

Mixon was also taking pictures with fans at the event:

This wouldn't be a big deal, but Mixon has been suspended from "all team activities" as a result of the misdemeanor assault charge against him. Perhaps the pep rally doesn't count, but considering he's with the team, it sure seems like it would.

Attending a pep rally is hardly a big deal, but one would think Mixon would be trying to keep a low profile, considering the severity and timing of his case.

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