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Report: Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Kansas, Iowa State Looked To Join Big Ten In 2010

Oklahoma and Texas A&M in the Big Ten? Apparently it was closer to happening than you might think. According to Lee Barfknecht of the Omaha World-Herald, back in 2010, five Big 12 schools explored the possibility of leaving the league together for the Big Ten. That would have put the B1G, which had 11 members at the time, up to 16 schools with two eight-team divisions. Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Kansas and Iowa State were the programs in question.

According to Barfknecht, a Big 12 athletic director contacted several Big Ten athletic directors and got "positive" feedback on the potential move. The talks came at a time when Texas was reportedly considering leaving the Big 12 for the then-Pac-10.

A Big 12 athletic director, who spoke to The World-Herald on condition of anonymity, said he contacted Big Ten athletic directors and presidents with whom he was familiar in June 2010.

The topic: Was the Big Ten, which had 11 members at the time, interested in adding five Big 12 schools?

The feedback from Big Ten school officials was positive, both sources said. The sticking point was devising a revenue-sharing plan to satisfy all. It would have taken at least three to four years for that many incoming schools to hit the financial payoffs sought for moving.

In the end, obviously, the move didn't happen. Instead, Nebraska wound up being the only Big 12 school to leave for the Big Ten. Colorado left for what became the Pac-12. And both Texas A&M and Missouri bolted for the SEC. The league reloaded to get to ten schools by adding TCU and West Virginia. The Big Ten, meanwhile, has gotten to 14 schools after adding Maryland and Rutgers last year.

Conference realignment doesn't appear to be over, especially with the Big 12 seeming so instable. Perhaps the Big Ten will look to get involved again?