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Report: Joe Mixon Attended Oklahoma Practice, Enrolled In Classes

Joe Mixon may be suspended for the season, but he's clearly staying around the program, and according to a report, he is enrolled in classes at Oklahoma and has been attending them all week. 

According to, Mixon sat with other students in the stands watching this afternoon's practice:

After the Sooners finished up an open practice and interaction with students, Mixon was seen walking off the field with Sooners’ Director of High School Relations Rajeeb Hossain.

During the practice, Mixon was in the stands with other OU students...

He has reportedly been attending class this week, likely signaling he intends to stay in school in Norman.

Could this be a sign that the "comeback" that Mixon tweeted about could be sooner than we think? Perhaps, though Mixon could just be keeping up to date with the team in preparation for next year. Either way, it seems like Mixon will play his college ball at Oklahoma, whenever his career begins.