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Report: Oklahoma Board Members, AD Disagree On Potential Big 12 Expansion

After going back and forth on the idea of expansion, it appears that the Big 12 is set on growing in the coming months. Yet as the conference moves toward adding pieces, there is an ongoing internal struggle at one of its premier institutions regarding expansion. 

According to a reportfrom CBS's Dennis Dodd, several Oklahoma board of regents members are anti-expansion, which contradicts the position of uber-powerful Sooner president David Boren, a longtime proponent of it. 

Max Weitzenhoffer, the Oklahoma board of regents chairman, told CBS Sports he will try to convince influential OU president David Boren to ditch Big 12 expansion.

"I can tell you I'm not alone," Weitzenhoffer said.

The seven-member board, which serves as the school's governing body, will meet Thursday. At that time, Weitzenhoffer said, he will seek clarification on the board's input regarding the school's vote on expansion.

At least one other regents member, Oklahoma City Thunder chairman Clay Bennett, is against expansion, Weitzenhoffer said.

"One-hundred percent [with] what we've been talking about," Weitzenhoffer said of Bennett's position. "We just want to let him [Boren] know, we don't like it.

The rest of Dodd's article is worth reading as well. There's a lot to digest, especially the nugget that says Oklahoma was "30 minutes away" from bolting for the Pac-10 in 2010.

Overall, this is an important topic given the domino effect that would result from the Big 12 getting larger. For a look at which schools the conference could potentially add, check out our feature on the subject from last week.