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Oklahoma Walk-On Riley Nolan Pens Amazing Letter To Sooner Fans After Final Regular Season Game

Riley Nolan, an Oklahoma redshirt senior walk-on offensive lineman, wrote a must-read letter about his college career after today's season finale.

Nolan hasn't played a snap in his four years at Oklahoma, but is still extremely grateful for the time he has spent as a member of the Sooners. A few hours ago, reflecting on his career, he posted a lengthy letter to Oklahoma fans on Twitter.

The full letter:

The reason I am typing this open letter to Sooner Nation is simply to say thank you. Most Sooner fans probably have no idea who I am, what I've done, where I'm from or why I am here.. and to be honest I am completely fine with all of that. It's never been about the media attention, the fame, the public spotlight or anything that goes along with it because I've never found my worth in those types of things. I've never been the guy to expect a whole lot from other people... even in regards to football. From a young age I was always told to "leave things better than you found them" and that has been the primary goal I've had in mind while doing what I've came here to do at OU. I cam to the University of Oklahoma and walked on to the football team in the summer of 2012, after leaving a scholarship and transferring from Missouri Southern State University. I was told that I would never have a shot at making the tea, that I was "too small', and that I was not good enough to play at the University of Oklahoma.. but I know that what I had inside myself was immeasurable. A great sense of pride and faith in myself to fuel the passion I have for accomplishing my dreams. For the last 4 seasons I have been a "behind the scenes" guy, working tirelessly to better myself and those around me to help this program win championships. I have done so alongside my 115 brothers who many fans recognize by the way they make plays on Saturdays, our great coaching staff, and also the guys who are unseen, but not forgotten and who are appreciated in a much different way: the scout team.

Many people would be embarrassed to say that they have never played a snap of collegiate football after being on a team for 5 years but for THIS I am THANKFUL. It's not that I am thankful for the fact that I have never played here, because don't get me wrong, I have always dreamt of the day I'd get my chance... but I can at least say that I came here to compete and if you don't believe me just ask my teammates. I can't lie, at times it has eaten me alive to watch my college career pass me bye without stepping foot on the football field... but I can promise you I am better for it! I am most thankful for what this process has TAUGHT me and it has turned in to so much more than me getting to play. The hardest part is always answering the questions people have but I have learned so much about myself through the game of football and through what I have experienced at OU and it truly has changed my life. I am thankful for the fact that I never learned how to quit or give up and I am proud to say that I didn't take the easy road. My hope for the kids who have the same dreams of playing division I football as I had helping other people and my hope is that I've done that here at OU. I am thankful for the platform I have been given to speak in to the minds of kids who have similar goals to mind. I am grateful to be where I am today as another Norman kid who had a dream of making his people proud and I've had an experience I'll never forget. I'd like to thank Coach Stoops, Coach Bedenbaugh, Coach Riley and the rest of the University of Oklahoma football program for taking a chance on me and allowing me to continue my dreams of playing D1 college football. I will always be thankful for the wisdom passed down from my peers and the many lessons in which I've learned here that have shaped me into the person I am today.

This program taught me how to accept circumstances and deal with them accordingly with hard work, determination and relentless passion. This team has shown me that not everyone is from the same walk of life, the same background, grew up with the same set of morals, beliefs or codes but that we may all come together to achieve a common goal. This team has also shown me that the differences in people are actually much smaller than we think and that we are all human and make mistakes and have our own issues and that we must deal with daily. To understand others we must take a walk in their shoes to know what they are going through... this is what it means to be a teammate. Being on scout team has allowed me to appreciate people more, to never take things for granted and has given me some of my closest friends. You as fans have given my team and I something to be proud of, and we love you guys! And finally, this game has shown me to how to accept outcomes both positive and negative and has shown me how to stand up and be a man. Nothing in life will ever be easy and I know that but as long as you love what you do nothing will ever seem as bad. Never get too high on the good things in life and never get too low on the bad things either. Thank you again to this University, my teammates and the fans for the last 4 years. I'm glad I will always have 115 brothers to count on for life! I love each and everyone one of them as my own. I'll forever be thankful for today and what it meant to my family! Back to back Big 12 champions and one last game in January!

The game of football saved my life and gave me a purpose! Love and blessings to all!!

Best, Riley Nolan #66"

It would be awesome if Oklahoma could find a way to get Nolan into its bowl game, even if only for one play.