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Santana Moss Doesn't Want The Redskins To Draft Baker Mayfield

Former Washington Redskins star Santana Moss doesn't want his former team to draft Baker Mayfield.

Baker Mayfield isn't universally regarded as the best quarterback in the 2018 class, but there are still some mock drafts projecting that he could be taken in the first round regardless. Mayfield has been slotted as high as No. 5 overall and as low as the second or third round.

One former NFL star - Santana Moss - doesn't want his team, the Washington Redskins, to draft Mayfield at No. 13 overall. Moss played for the franchise from 2005-2014 and spoke on NBC Sports this week about the idea.

Moss thinks that drafting Mayfield is "starting over" - suggesting instead the team focus on defense and find a serviceable quarterback.

"I'm not sold on taking him there. If you're deciding you're taking him at No. 13 because Kirk (Cousins) isn't going to be there, I'm still not sold with that. To me, that's starting all over still.

Do you really think that he can absolutely take Kirk's place and play behind that same defensive performance from last year or the same output that the offense gave last year and do better this year?

So I think you still have to go with the defense. Find some of those guys who are going to beef up the D-line, beef up that secondary, and maybe a linebacker or two. If not that, then you just keep Kirk and you find another way to get someone else who's going to help us down the line.

I don't see us picking a quarterback, and even that magnitude of a quarterback, thinking that's going to change what we went through last season.

...even if they don't get a long-term deal, you go find someone that's a veteran that's played in the league and can give you a chance to win. You don't have to get "the guy" - you see Jacksonville is doing it right now. You don't need "the guy" - you need that guy that's going to be productive enough. "

Mayfield has a great deal of experience at the collegiate level, but obviously, he'll have a lot to learn when he gets to the NFL.

Only time will tell whether Mayfield turns into a star - and if he does, you can bet that analysts like Moss, who don't think he's a franchise-changer, will be reminded of it rather frequently.