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Several Former Sooners Are Not Happy With Oklahoma's Dismissal Of Damien Williams

An unpopular decision, apparently.

Earlier today, Oklahoma Sooners fans were stunned when Bob Stoops announced the dismissal of running back Damien Williams from the team. The move was particularly shocking because he had only two games remaining in his career at the school. Reasons for the dismissal were not given.

Of course, it's a big loss for the team heading into the big showdown with Oklahoma State, but the sadder story is that a career had to end prematurely. In fact, several former Sooners stars, all successful OU products currently in the NFL, are not happy with the the decision to kick Williams off of the team.

Now certainly, all three of these players are former teammates of Williams', and they obviously want him to succeed moving forward. It's easy to see why they wouldn't approve the move to kick him off of the team, but it's also interesting that they seem to imply that there is a larger issue here with the program, and that Oklahoma could be doing more to help players instead of simply punishing or dismissing them. I wonder if Stoops will be asked about any of these comments moving forward.